see you never


Saeron teaching Sungyeol how to smile

have you really been doing this for almost 8 years?

♔ 9/100 gifs of the best OTP in the history of everdom ♔


you know what? i always thought i was gonna make my first follow forever picture cute but aye whatever. btw who caught that picture pun? you know like gyusnamu, gyustree, gyus namtree ehe k ill shut up now

hi guys! so i finally decided to make/post my first follow forever on my birthday ♥ so, it’s actually been more than a year since i’ve been on tumblr but not that long since i actually started reblogging and posting stuff and i feel like i should’ve made this pretty long ago but i delayed it until now. i also want to thank my follows for dealing with me!

btw as a birthday wish , can yall watch this video at least once? thanks

my lame friends  ★ -hover over for a little message ,friends- WARNING: half of these are me spazzing about why such cool ppl follow me and how i have nice friends)

marnelli :: winnie :: annie (soup) :: jocelyn :: annie (mochi) :: gen :: poopqyu :: star-hoya ( u guys should tell me ur names pls)

some really cool blogs

-italics for mutuals aka people who should drop by and say hi. actually, anyone can talk to me. im a lonely person.


a-dork-inspirit ♥ abusedmemberacciomyungsoobb-tokichandoochenitalia ♥ dongwtfdongyas ♥ egu-mo-ni-naeterugyumeo ♥ gyunamu ♥ gyus-gottheorangejuice ♥ gyuzizis 


hanseochan ho-tlinefor-ya ♥ hoya-yaho-hoya ♥ hoyeuifnt0428indecisreverieinpinitaize kimsomeguykimsoowonkiss-myungsoolovelygyu


myeongseomyung-mochi ♥ myungsoopermans ♥ myung-soupmyung-whoremyungqmyungsues-unamuyeols namwhosnoohyun ♥ oppa420pitdaepoopqyu


saseum-luhansngqyu ♥ snugyeolstar-hoya sungjunhongssungmon



(tbh i feel like i missed a lot of people i want to rec so check out my blogroll for all of them)

also, shout out to those who followed me since the beginning that haven’t unfollowed me yet, despite not being in the same fandom anymore!! you guys are awesome. really. 


Do you ever fangirl so hard that you just…

embarrass yourself. Alone. In your room.

Wherever the wind goes 
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